Introducing: Q's album pick of the month

If you’re part of my friend circle, you surely know that I am a serious music addict. I’m the guy who’s frequently telling you to “give {band name here} a listen!“. I’m also the guy whose opinion some people trust when they are looking for something new to add to their music collection.

Given all this I decided that I’ll start posting a monthly album recommendation. This will usually be some great album that I’ve found and I feel like I should pass it forward. It will also serve as some sort of journal for my musical findings. In a few months it will be nice to be able to go back and find out what I was listening to.

I should note that these posts will be pretty simple. Just some album details, maybe an embedded track. But that’s it. I have no intentions to write reviews for these albums. And, after all, if I’m picking it it’s because I find it pretty good :)

Hope you enjoy it!

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